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Making the Most Out of GitHub Pages

So, I’m a pretty big fan of GitHub Pages. Every time a friend wants to make a portfolio site I always recommend GitHub Pages – and Jekyll, too! If you aren’t familiar with them, GitHub Pages is free hosting for static sites (using your GitHub repositories). Jekyll is a static site generator, which means you can use templates, generate pages from data files, and a bunch of other cool things you don’t normally... Continue reading

Google, Why Have You Forsaken Me?

As I sit here staring at the HTML of a virus scan warning page, I wonder where I went wrong in my life. Is this because I kept using Visual Basic and didn’t switch to C#? Am I being punished for not buying a WinRAR license? Is it because I (correctly) pronounce GIF with a soft G?

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I Wish Every Work Day Was a Hackathon Day

I just participated in my fifth ADTRAN hackathon and won People’s Choice for the second time. The idea? A HipChat bot that you can program on the fly (thanks, Pat!). Considering it’s a chat bot and we named it Bender, the image above is very fitting. However, while I’m still pretty happy from winning some cool swag (a t-shirt and a new mug!), part of me is sad because I have to return to daily... Continue reading

My Latest Z-index Problem

Two months ago I launched a site for a gaming project that I’m involved in. I received a lot of good feedback from people, but it wasn’t long before I had my first bug report, something I was expecting from my lack of browser testing: the navigation dropdown on iPhones was behind the home page content. Great.

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My Second Term at ADTRAN: First Month

I returned in August for my second term as a co-op, and this term I got the UX/UI team, a team I really wanted. Over the summer, I learned Django, a MVT back end framework, but I didn’t know any MVC front end frameworks yet. Spending a term with these guys would definitely teach me more about front end development since that’s all I would be doing! Well, that’s what I thought, at least. The... Continue reading

My First Term at ADTRAN

When I accepted an offer to co-op at ADTRAN, I was initially worried about what I’d work on. ADTRAN is in the telecommunications industry, so most of their software developers probably work on embedded programming. My resume had a lot on it, but all of the recent things were web-related, and I wanted to learn back end web development. However, I also wanted to work on something that wouldn’t just be a typical CRUD application.... Continue reading

Obligatory "Hello World"

Just like how every programmer first starts with a “Hello World” program, it’s basically mandatory for “Hello World” to be every programmer’s first blog post! So, here it is: Hello World!

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